A new children’s book with an Australian heart

from Pat Ferguson

Pat Ferguson, Poet and children’s author

Pat Ferguson is one of the Gold Coast’s best known writers, both for her poetry and as an author of children’s books. Pat certainly knows how to command the attention of young readers. As a former schoolteacher, mother and now grandmother she knows the value of books both to entertain and to educate young minds.

For her latest offering, Lost and Found in the Rainforest, Pat has teamed up with another well-known Gold Coast personality, Penelope Churchward, to illustrate her book. And what a fine job Penny has done!

The story centres around a young boy, Fin, who finds himself lost and alone in the rainforest after he is chased by some older bullies.

He does not know which way to go to find his parents.

Feeling very frightened, and with a nod to our indigenous culture, Pat tells us that Fin is helped by the Spirit of the Rainforest, who takes him to meet other beings who live among the trees and plants.

Fin learns many lessons about how to be brave and to face up to different things that are new and strange to him. If you are brave, he discovers, life can be an exciting adventure.

But there is more to this book than just a beautiful and well-illustrated story. Ever the educator, Pat has included an appendix detailing the birds of the rainforest, their voice, nest and food habits. Again the descriptions of the birds are accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

Like any good children’s story, Lost and Found in the Rainforest has a happy ending as Fin is reunited with his parents.

If you would like to buy a copy of this book for a child close to your heart, contact Pat  at patferguson@dodo.com.au

Lost and Found in the Rainforest
ISBN 978-0-9875854-0-0

Lost and Found in the Rain Forest Cover

Lost and Found in the Rain Forest Cover
by Pat Ferguson



Richly illustrated by Penny Churchward