July 2013 Meeting Report

Our July 2013 meeting foused on two areas of interest to writers who seek to use the web either for marketing their books or as a platform for publishing.

Mike Clancy recently circulated to members of the group his questionnaire dealing with customised training for Microsoft Word and responses so far indicated a keen interest in most of the topic areas suggested.

At our July meeting we took a detailed look at the first of these topics, the Word File Menu (also known as the Backstage View) and the options available for managing your documents. We looked at the options for opening and closing files, options for saving – including stripping documents of hidden formatting prior to converting to ebook formats, accessing inbuilt templates, introduction to the info and options panes, including tagging documents.

Bob Brinsmead introduced the topic of collaborative marketing and this is a subject to which we will return at our August meeting (10 August).

Our August meeting will deal with three topics

  • We will continue our journey into Word by looking at the different Word windows – the draft, reading, print, web and outline views and how they are used; outlining as a means of ensuring clarity and how to use the status bar.
  • Bob will continue to lead the discussion on collaborative marketing.
  • How Gold Coast authors can better work with Gold Coast libraries (it was mentioned at the meeting that the libraries are ‘cold’ on offering books by local authors who have to go through state distributors (and who take a fee).