Marketing, promotion, advertising is all about sales. No sales  –  no cash; it is that simple

In my days as an Encyclopaedia salesman selling books was a basic down to earth operation.  You had a sample under your arm and went and knocked on house holder’s front doors. You had your personal presentation and about thirty seconds to get your message across to gain some interest to stop the door closing, (politely or with a slam).  Hundreds of thousands of sets were sold right across Australia in this manner.  The operation worked because the product was highly regarded and for the salesman it was extremely lucrative.

The same sales principals apply today, except the style and manner of presenting the book to the buyer. Taking a load of books, personally,  to a book store or other retail outlet can lead to sales.

Why…… well for a start a bright cheery author who is so convinced that his book will generate sales will impress even the hardest retailer.  Selling on consignment works both ways, the retailer is not committed to buying something that may not sell and the author has his book in the public eye instead of the garage. The only way to find out if it will work, is to take your book on the road and bang on the shop doors.

This sales method could be combined with an in-shop promotion of a ‘book signing’ event or some charity give away. If you can show the book shop owner that this will increase traffic flow through his shop, he will be more receptive.

Selling from a market stall is another method. Friends of mine who wrote a book about a motorhome trip around Australia sold thousands of copies from a small colourful market stand, with some photographs and them wearing ‘bush’ clobber.

Perhaps two or three authors could combine in a market stall enterprise.  It gives a great deal of pleasure to someone buying a book direct from an author and having it signed. Imagine having a book on your shelf personally signed by Patrick White before he was recognized?

Direct selling is about having a strong belief in your book and yourself.

Personal presentation and a businesslike attitude with some promotional material is all that is required for the first step in any book sales campaign.