Happy Australia Day to all Australians. My novel ‘Transported – a pioneer’s story’ is particularly apt today since it’s based on the true rags-to-riches story of a convict, sent to New South Wales in the 1800’s. He fulfilled his dreams of owning land and became the first white man to meet up with local Aborigines, even marrying one and acknowledging their children, something that was frowned upon by the white community in his day. When you read about the life of those early settlers – rich and poor, convicts and freemen, white and black – I guarantee you will be grateful to be celebrating your life in Australia in 2013 and not 1800’s. This website www.terryspring.com contains my email address. The first email I receive from an Australian asking for a free copy of my book (print or ebook) will receive one by return ( I will need name and address!) I thank the writers of ‘Book’d Out’ http://bookdout.wordpress.com/and ‘Confessions from Romaholics http://confessionsfromromaholics.com/’ for this opportunity to talk to you.