Excerpts from books created by our writers

This is our ‘try before you buy’ area of this site. Here you will find extracts from books written by our cooperative writers as well as those edited and written by Mike. If subsequently you wish to purchase the book, then you must follow the link to the purchase page maintained by the author. Each excerpt will include a link to the place from where you can purchase the book. This site takes no commission from such purchases. It is between you and the author.

Author Title Link to excerpt
Clive Lindley The Templar Knights, their secret history The Templar Fortress of Mar-ash
Mike Clancy Stories from the gate Chapter 1: Merchants and Slaves

Chapter 2: Different destinations, similar problems

Reza’s story, another case of human trafficking

Richard Schmidt Around Australia aboard the Nautilus Forward to the story
Terry Spring Transported Forward to the story
B. Blank (anonymous) M.A.D. 2 Chapter 1, Tourism
Bob Brinsmead Laugh and Tough it Out The Japanese occupation of Penang
Nick Flint The replicated man Chapter 1, The missing narrative