…It just takes a bit of practice.

A small band of God Coast e-writers met this afternoon to look at making better use of our website and blog. Mike (your writer) took the group through the site and its structure before moving onto the content management panel, showing members of the group how to access it and how to write pages and blogs.

The main content pages under development include ‘about the writer’ where each writer able to access the system are free to write about themselves and create links to their own websites, book reviews and book purchase pages. Next come the ‘excerpts’ where people provide samples of their writing, the links to authors where aditional links can be provided and, finally, the blog which is really a free space for members of the group to write whatever they want – just as along as it relates in some way to writing.

Terry gave us a good rundown of last week’s writer’s workshop with comedy writer Tim Ferguson and, along with the coffee and bun (and of course the monthly quota of Tim Tams) we talked about what people want out of writer’s group – or more to the point, what people who regard themselves as professional writers want. We decided that such groups should be all about the industry and keeping each other abreast of how the industry is evolving. There is a lot of change out there right now and nobody has a handle on the entire picture (and those who claim to do so have to be regarded with a fair amount of scepticism). There are also the shysters out in the market making great promises about  what they can do for writers although far too often, the reality is somewhat different.

These are areas where writer-to-writer interaction becomes invaluable and hopefully, in some small way, this website and its blog can contribute to the edification process along the way and help writers adapt to the changing environment.

We talked a bit about the recent takeover of the Washington Post by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (did I get that name right?) and what it means for the print media publishing industry. Are we to rely in future on the philanthropic gestures of the rich?

Next month we are back to the second Saturday afternoon and the program will be announced in due course.


Was there anything I missed?