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The Templar Knights | Their secret history

Clive Lindley, Author, The Templar Knights, their Secret History

Clive Lindley

Clive Lindley turned to writing after a successful career as a business entrepreneur who founded and operated a number of prosperous companies including businesses involved in catering, broadcasting and publishing. The best known of this is Roadchef plc; the UK national chain of motorway service areas.

Success in business enabled him to indulge his passion for world travel and this melded with a number of other broad interests that he was able to develop further.

Among these passions is a love of medieval history and especially the stories of the medieval military monks: the Hospitallers, the Teutonic Knights and, most importantly, the Knights Templar.

His special fascination is focused on the Templars. Clive even lived awhile on Paris’s Rue de Temple, close to Templar headquarters and where evidence of the their history is still omni-present. Despite there being a wealth of knowledge on the Templars, during their near two centuries of existence as an order of the Church, it all came to an abrupt end, seven centuries ago in 1314 when this current volume ends.

After that… nothing, but Lindley wouldn’t leave it there. As a former multinational chief executive, he felt it irrational that an elite force with large undiscovered funds and unquestionably a mercantile empire to boot, would have just disappeared. Lindley set out to develop a plausible sequence of events, that, for lack of concrete evidence, could not be dealt with by academic historians, not the least of which is the widely credited relationship with Freemasonry.

This ‘secret history’ is the foundation of this series. By intermingling known fact, with plausible explanation—including circumstantial evidence that the Templars may still in some form continue to exist today—Clive had developed a compelling story that will surely fascinate all lovers of medieval history.


A web site is available for those who wish to follow the secret history or might themselves have further evidence to contribute. It will carry news of future publications.


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The Templar Knights | Their Secret History

Volume 1 The end of an epoch 1307-1314

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