Meet the writers

Meet the writers who will (hopefully) become regular contributors to this site. Our page may look a little empty at present but hopefully that will change in time.

Dr. Michael (‘Mike’) Clancy

Mike Clancy, writer, editor and trainer

Mike Clancy

Mike has been writing in one form or another for more than 40 years.

He is a published author, freelance writer, researcher, editor and now certified trainer who is able to bring a lifetime of real-world experience to his clients which few can match. He is as much at home working with individuals and small businesses as he is with governments and multinational corporations.

Mike is an avid blogger and tends to write in a journalistic style.

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Clive Lindley

Clive Lindley, Author, The Templar Knights, their Secret History

Clive Lindley

Clive Lindley turned to writing after a successful career as a business entrepreneur who founded and operated a number of prosperous companies including businesses involved in catering, broadcasting and publishing. The best known of this is Roadchef plc; the UK national chain of motorway service areas.

Success in business enabled him to indulge his passion for world travel and this melded with a number of other broad interests that he was able to develop further.

Among these passions is a love of medieval history and especially the stories of the medieval military monks: the Hospitallers, the Teutonic Knights and, most importantly, the Knights Templar.

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Richard Schmidt

Richard’s introduction to writing came when he unearthed a diary from the 1950s written by his late father. It was a compelling story of a family adventure around Australia that bought back vivid memories from the past to Richard (then only nine years old). Richard set about the task of  turning the diary into a book. The result is a compelling adventure into the Australia of the past.

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Terry Spring

Terry Spring, author

Terry Spring, Author

Born and educated in London,  Terry married a musician and interviewed show-business personalities for the English musical newspapers before migrating to Sydney, with her family. After a long career in the corporate world and as the owner of a wedding supply business she started to write articles on weddings which appeared in Sydney newspapers and magazines.

Terry now lives on the Gold Coast and continues her writing.

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Bob Brinsmead

Robert D. (Bob) Brinsmead is a freelance writer and author whose life-long studies and interests have ranged all the way from theology and philosophy on the one hand, to horticulture, human well-being and environmental issues on the other.

Bob Brinsmead

Bob Brinsmead

He founded Tropical Fruit World and Research Park, a popular tourist attraction in the greater Gold Coast region. It is also a place where Bob has trialed more than 500 kinds of fruit and has investigated the culinary and medical potential of both fruit and leaves. He has served as a Councillor and Deputy Mayor of the Tweed Shire Council.

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