A forum for electronic publishers active on Australia’s Gold Coast and in Southeast Queensland

thumbnail gcgbGold Coast e-writers group was formed in mid 2012 to provide a means for those of us working in the new electronic publishing formats to get together and share experiences. Based on the Queensland Gold Coast, we are an eclectic group which meets once a month in a private home to socialise and learn from one another.

It is a ‘flat’ group which means there is no hierarchical committee and the group makes all decisions by consensus. The one criterion is that we are all published writers and we are all in some way or another involved in electronic publishing.

The group is neither open nor closed meaning that we are open to others joining us if they wish to participate but we do not go out and encourage members. We go for quality not quantity if you know what I mean.

By way of example, we have invited members of Gold Coast Writers Workshops to participate on this website and share some of their works. Those who wish to do so will be given access to the WordPress dashboard and will be able to come along and learn how to post their material with us. Those interested should contact Kathy Stewart or terry Spring in the first instance.

Mike Clancy

Updated 30 July 3013