A cooperative blog and showcase for e-writers

With the growing interest in electronic publishing, a group of established and published authors on the Australian Gold Coast in South East Queensland, saw the need for some electronic space in which they could develop their blogging skills, comment on books they had written or were in the process of writing and generally interact with other writers as well as the reading public.

Each writer or author will still maintain their own website and you will find links on the ‘about the writers’ page and on the ‘links’ page.This is a cooperative effort. For those writers who are members of the group, there is no censorship of the blogs. We are all of ‘mature age’ and do not need to be treated like school children. Comments will of course be moderated to ensure they remain relevant and also civil.

As for the rest, we will make it up as we go along as befits a new and evolving site. Enjoy!

What you will find here

Writers blogs: If you want to read what our writers have to say about their books or the books of others, then check out our writer’s blogs. You will find them here.

About the writers: If you want some background on the writers whose work we profile click here.

Excerpts: Want to read a sample of a book of interest to you? You will be able to read a sample section here. Think of it as the online equivalent of browsing in a bookstore.

Links: Our links page provides you with links to the websites of the authors profiled.

Workshops: Check out the latest workshops for writers here

About Gold Coast e-writers: here you can learn more about who we are as a group and the sorts of things we get up to. Basically, we have fun. We talk a lot, drink coffee and enjoy Irene’s delicious cakes and share what we know about e-publishing. No, we are not amateurs but there is always something to learn from one another. Click here for more.